Integrated Cancer Research Site Label (SIRIC)

Bordeaux has been recently awarded with the label “Integrated Cancer Research Site (SIRIC)” from the National Cancer Institute (INCA). Three main projects are included in the Bordeaux SIRIC program. One of these projects, COMMUCAN, coordinated by A. Bikfalvi, is related to translational aspects involving the tumor microenvironment.

The SIRIC label is awarded for 5 years with an evaluation after 3 years.

Heterodox Academy-Jonathan Haidt

Heterodox Academy, at the initiative of Jonathan Haidt, Professor at New York University (NYU), is a group of scientists from all horizons whose aim is to promote view-point diversity. This is very different from group diversity/identity (ethnic, gender etc..) which is predominant at present.  For more information:

The director of the laboratory supports this initiative and has become a member of Heterodox Academy.