Heterodox Academy-Jonathan Haidt

Heterodox Academy, at the initiative of Jonathan Haidt, Professor at New York University (NYU), is a group of scientists from all horizons whose aim is to promote view-point diversity. This is very different from group diversity/identity (ethnic, gender etc..) which is predominant at present.  For more information: https://heterodoxacademy.org/



The director of the laboratory supports this initiative and has become a member of Heterodox Academy.

Author: Andreas Bikfalvi

Médecin et chercheur. Professeur d'université. Directeur du laboratoire LAMC-INSERM. Champs de recherche: Cancérologie et biologie vasculaire (Invasion tumorale, Angiogenèse, Microenvironnement tumoral). D'autres intérêts académiques: Philosophie des sciences.