Conference by Karl Sigmund

We have the great pleasure to have Karl Sigmund with us for a conference on the Vienna Circle. Karl is a internationally recognized mathematician and on e of the pioneers of evolutionary game therory. He has also a strong interest in the history of mathematics and philosophy. His recent book on the Vienna circle is a must read ! 

Seminars during this year

We will have the following forthcoming seminars:

 June 19, Solange Landreville(Université de Laval, Quebec) Topic: Ocular Melanoma

July 4th, Olivier Ayrault (Institut Curie). Topic: Medulloblastoma

October 22, Ugo Cavallaro (EIO, Milan). Topic: Ovarian carcinomas

 November 14, Johanna Joyce (EPFL, Lausanne). Topic: tumor microenvironment.

Seminar by Gerhard Christofori, May 7 2019

Gerhard is Professor at the university of Basel and a leading figure in tumor microenvironment research. He did his post-doc with Doug Hanahan at UCSF, moved then to Vienna at the IMP and finally to Basel at the Biozentrum. He published many papers on the subject and has recently turned his attention into reprogramming tumor cells to become…FAT CELLS !!! This was recently published in Cancer Cell.

He will be in Bordeaux May 7 for a seminar to talk about his recent work.