Seminar by Gerhard Christofori, May 7 2019

Gerhard is Professor at the university of Basel and a leading figure in tumor microenvironment research. He did his post-doc with Doug Hanahan at UCSF, moved then to Vienna at the IMP and finally to Basel at the Biozentrum. He published many papers on the subject and has recently turned his attention into reprogramming tumor cells to become…FAT CELLS !!! This was recently published in Cancer Cell.

He will be in Bordeaux May 7 for a seminar to talk about his recent work.

Author: Andreas Bikfalvi

Médecin et chercheur. Professeur d'université. Directeur du laboratoire LAMC-INSERM. Champs de recherche: Cancérologie et biologie vasculaire (Invasion tumorale, Angiogenèse, Microenvironnement tumoral). D'autres intérêts académiques: Philosophie des sciences.