Article on glioblastoma development accepted in Nature Communications !

We are delighted that our article ” Deciphering the complex role of thrombospondin-1 in glioblastoma development” in now accepted in Nature Communications !

Thanks to all co-authors : Dr Thomas DAUBON *, Miss Céline Leon , Dr. Kim Clarke , Dr. Laetitia Andrique , Miss Laura Salabert , Dr Elodie DARBO , Raphael PINEAU , Dr Sylvaine GUERIT , Dr Marlène Maître , Prof. Stephane Dedieu , Dr Albin JEANNE , Dr Sabine Bailly , Dr. Jean-Jacques Feige , Prof. Hrvoje Miletic , Dr. Marco Rossi , Prof Lorenzo Bello , Prof. Francesco Falciani , Prof Rolf Bjerkvig and Prof Andreas Bikfalvi * (* co-corresponding authors)