Réunions de Labo

Réunions de Labo

Réunions hebdomadaires du laboratoire chaque jeudi à 12h45.


Bikfalvi’s group meetings on Fridays 12h45


Journée Scientifique Annuelle du laboratoire le 4 Décembre 2017


9h30 – Accueil, Café etc…

10h – Lin Cooley/Wilfried Souleyreau: Systems Biology of renal cell carcinoma

10h30 – Álvaro González: Differentiation therapy for hepatocellaular carcinoma

11h Pause

11h20 – Laetitia Andrique: Construction of artificial vessels in vitro

11h50 – C.Petibois – Bringing IR spectro-microscopy to the market of digital pathology

12h20 – Repas

13h30 – Thomas Daubon: New insights into the biology of Glioblastoma

14h – Mercedes Tome/ Inactivation of Proprotein Convertases Represses PD-1 Expression and Promotes Immune Favored Tumor Microenvironment

14h30 Clotilde Billottet (présenté par Andreas): CXCR3 a new target in GBM

15h A.Ogunleke – 3D anatomo-chemistry of the mouse brain

15h30 Pause Café

16h – H.Balacey – Software interface for chemical imaging by IR microscopy

16h30 – Ya-Ping Chen : Oligomerisation of CXC chemokines

17h – fin de la journée